TOPOTEK is the main supplier of small gimbal cameras in the UAV industry.

It provides customers with over 60 types of optoelectronic pods. To further

promote the international drone market and strengthen cooperation with

customers, we are recruiting market partners globally to jointly promote the

application of drones in the industry. Partners assist in facilitating business

between the company and local customers, and TOPOTEK provides business

rebates. Subsequent transactions with customers will result in corresponding

rewards for partners.


          1、Partners receive technical support from TOPOTEK, enhancing their professionalism in the drone field.

          2、Partners receive an equal proportion of commission when referred customers complete transactions.

          3、Partners help TOPOTEK by providing effective connections and offering localized services to customers.

          4、Partners assist TOPOTEK in achieving more effective business transactions.

   Partners introduce TOPOTEK gimbal cameras to customers related

         to the drone industry, and also introduce customers related to

         the drone industry to TOPOTEK.

   Partners maintain regular contact with customers.

   TOPOTEK is responsible for customer technical support, business

         contracts, and execution of business.

Fill out the form (Download Doc. file)

and email it to PARTNER@TOPOTEK.COM

Online registration link (HTML5 Link)


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