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TOPOTEK was found in May 2012, TOPOTEK company focuses  on the development of optical zoom cameras and supporting stabilized platforms and pods. Its products include 10x, 18x, 20x, 30x and 36x optical zoom cameras and Zoom camera gimbals. As the core module of UAV, it is provided to UAV companies. After integrating the topological co-creation zoom camera, the UAV company can use its optical zoom function to see the details of ground objects in the air, just like adding an adjustable telescope to the UAV.

TOPOTEK has developed a series of zoom cameras and dual-light gimbals integrated with infrared thermal imaging, ranging pod and tracking pan-tilt. It has been widely used in UAVs and supports HDMI, SDI, USB, IP PTZ. It is suitable for the application of FPV camera. It has occupied most of the UAV market in the zoom industry and is widely used in the fields of electric power, fire protection and public security; The launch of 4K cameras, 4K pods, network pods and mini infrared dual-light pods has further recognized the technical performance of the products by customers of UAV companies and robotics companies.

Product features: large optical auto-focus, 1080P high-definition storage, direct control via UAV signals, real-time compression coding and real-time high-definition output, together with the supporting stabilized pan-tilt, make it directly controllable for customers to use.

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