Traffic Monitoring

The UAV is not restricted by the physical conditions of road traffic. It can quickly rush to the scene and check over the area where people and vehicles can not reach. It can also check in the air over the dangerous area. It can obtain the comprehensive information of the scene from multiple angles in the air at the first time through the TOPOTEK photoelectric pod, and push the information to the emergency command center in real time, Earn valuable time and first-hand decision-making basis for formulating emergency response measures; On the other hand,  UAV can hover for a long time, continuously track and monitor the progress of emergencies, and provide valuable information for the development of follow-up response measures.

UAV has many unique advantages over the aerial surveillance camera and ordinary non-tethered multi-rotor UAV in the field of surveillance because of its outstanding advantages such as long endurance, large load, easy operation, safety constraints, and fast response.

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